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Can i use Zeet for free?

Yes, you can use zeet for free if you want. You do not need to order a business card or activate a subscription.

What are the differences between free and subscription?

The only difference between free and paid accounts is that accounts with an active subscription can create and join multiple companies, upload files, add personal links and switch profiles on the fly.

I´m a manager, can i order this for my colleagues?

Yes, you can invite your colleagues to the company you created. When your coworkers accept the invitation they will immediately have access to the company and be able to enter/upload their personal information relating to the company. You can also fill in their profiles for them, activate their subscriptions and order their business cards for them even before they have finished setting up their own profile themselves.

How do i change the contents of my card?

Everything is handled from your dashboard when you login. If you have a subscription then you have the ability to switch between multiple created profiles and show whatever profile, whenever you want.

How can someone scan my card?

Your contact can either scan QR code on your business card with their phone camera, or physically tap the business cards NFC square (located at the back of the card) on their phone. The NFC reader on their phone is located on different places depending on the manufacturer. Apple phones have the NFC reader at the top of the screen. Android phones have the NFC reader on the center of the back of the phone. Make sure the phone is unlocked and has NFC enabled before trying to scan the business card with the NFC reader.

How does the subscription work?

Every subscription is payed for by a company, and it's based on a subscription per user, not company. The subscription is billed on a monthly basis and the invoice is sent digitally to the company providing the subscription for the user.

Do you have a smartphone app?

We have iOS and Android apps planned for the future, but right now you can visit Zeet in the browser on your phone and install it as an app on your phone in the format of a PWA. If you don't like cramming in yet another app on your phone you can also just use this website to manage everything. Hey, it's nice to have options!

Something is not working as intended

If you need help with this service or something is wrong, please do not hesitate to contact us!

I'm interested but i want to know more!

Thats great, we would be happy to talk to you! Please contact our kind sales people at and we will answer any questions you might have. 😊

How do i get started?

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