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Business card

Zeet is a sleek business card that you carry with you everywhere you go, completely replacing the need to carry hundreds of unnecessary paper business cards that cost money, gets outdated, and worst case, gets thrown immediately in the bin. This business card has a QR code and a NFC chip integrated, easily scannable by whoever you meet.
Zeet card and phone

How does it work?

The information your business card contains is up to you, and can be changed by you on the fly. Your scaneé can view your profile, download your contact information directly to their phone, visit your social media profiles, explore your personal links, download your uploaded files and much more.

Is it free?

You don't need to pay anything to use the service if you don't want to. You will see your personal QR code when you're logged in that you can ask contacts to scan to access your profile. If you want to purchase our smart metal card, it is a one-time cost. If you want the ability to switch between multiple profiles, upload files and create personal links you will need a subscription.


Just a few of the tricks up the cards sleeve

Simple connections

After your contact has scanned your card, they can download your contact information directly to their phone, download your uploaded files, follow your CTA links, visit your social media profiles and more.

Always fresh information

You can make sure that your information is always up to date by logging in here and changing whatever you want - whenever you want. With a subscription you can add multiple businesses and choose which one to display.

Premium build quality

The business card is made from solid high quality metal with an integrated NFC chip on the backside, and it might just be the only business card you will ever need from now on.


What do our users think of Zeet?

Sammy Pergament


CEO @ Nordic Quick System

No more fumbling with physical business cards. With Zeet, I've got this slick digital business card that I can whip out anytime, anywhere. It's customizable to match my style, and I can add clickable links to my website and socials. Sharing? Piece of cake! It syncs flawlessly with all my favorite platforms. If you want to make a killer impression, Zeet is where it's at. Seriously, it's a game-changer!

Thomas Karlsson


CEO @ Swepool AB

As an entrepreneur, I have the opportunity to connect with numerous individuals. However, the process of managing and organizing these business contacts can be challenging. Fortunately, Zeet has provided me with a smart and efficient system that has significantly simplified my professional life. I am thoroughly impressed with their remarkable approach, and I would undoubtedly rate it 5 out of 5!

Jonas Svensson


CEO @ JS Service I Norr

JS Service In Norr uses Zeet's smart business cards to easily reach out to new customers and stakeholders. Thanks to Zeet, we have now stopped ordering paper business cards, and everyone we meet is impressed by our digital business cards. In addition to the smart business cards, Zeet has also created our website, which we are very satisfied with. Environmentally friendly, professional, and fast! 5/5.


All prices are excl. VAT

The Service


Use our service completely free of charge

  • Create your business profile
  • Share your contact information
  • Invite your colleagues
  • Update your profile on the fly

One time cost

Metal Business Card

499 Sek

A smart card in your pocket

  • Made of metal
  • Built-in QR code and NFC chip
  • Same size as an ID card
  • Customize the card design


49 Sek

For the active entrepreneur

  • Upload and share files
  • Customize your own buttons
  • Create multiple companies
  • Switch profiles quickly and easily

One time cost

Lifetime Subscription

1199 SEK

Unlock the service's full potential

  • Cheaper in the long run
  • No recurring invoices
  • Our eternal gratitude ❤️

Wanna try it out? It's free.

Create an account for free, build your profile - start Zeeting. It's as easy as that. If you don't like the service, you can delete your account right away; we are careful with GDPR. If you have questions about our other services or want to place a larger order, you can contact us.